• Section 42A report

    The section 42a report is an independent staff report that analyses all submissions and includes recommendations on how the proposed plan could be changed in response to the submissions.
  • Hearings are being scheduled

    Submitters wanting to speak must confirm their intention and availability no later than 24 April.
  • Information for submitters

    On 6 April, the hearing panel provided this notice of the hearing which includes an outline of procedural matters relating to the hearings.
  • Cultural evidence

    On 28 March 2017, Rob van Voorthuysen agreed to Ngāi Tahu presenting their cultural evidence by way of videos and a piece of written cultural evidence.
  • No conflict of interest

    On 7 March 2017, the hearing panel members agreed that no conflict of interest exists for councillors on the panel.
  • Addendum to Summary of Decisions Requested

    Further submissions are now invited on the additional and amended submission points in the Addendum to the Summary of Decisions Requested.
  • Late further submissions accepted

    On 8 February 2016, Rob van Voorthuysen accepted a number of late further submissions, and declined a late primary submission.
  • Further submissions closed

    Further submissions have now closed. Read the next steps here.
  • Late submission declined

    Hearing panel chair Rob van Voorthuysen has declined Transpower New Zealand Limited's application to lodge a late submission.
  • Further submissions invited

    Further submissions to the proposed Southland Water and Land Plan are now invited.