Technical reports

November 2021 - Report - Nutrient load reduction modelling - lakes, rivers, estuaries (LWP) (PDF, 3.3MB)

August 2021 - Report - E. coli load reduction modelling in rivers (LWP) (PDF, 3.7MB)

May 2021 - Report - Sediment load reduction modelling (Manaaki Whenua) (PDF, 3.6MB)

June 2020 - Report - E. coli state and rainfall effects (ESR) (PDF, 2.4MB)

July 2020 - Report - Microbial indicators and Faecal Source Tracking (ESR) (PDF, 1.2MB)

Regional forum

July 2022 - Regional Forum recommendation report - Achieving the Community’s Aspirations for Freshwater

August 2020 - Regional Forum Phase Two report

November 2019 - Review of allocation methods to control contaminant loads from land (Nov 2019)

November 2019 - Wai - Ngai Tahu ki Murihiku

September 2018 - The Regional Forum - Southland Context

August 2018 - Shaping Southland’s Regional Forum: drawing on lessons from elsewhere

Values and objectives

August 2019 - Regional planning context for identifying values and developing draft freshwater objectives for Southland

August 2019 - Collecting and confirming community values through engagement

September 2019 - Community values for Southland’s freshwater management units

November 2019 - Wai Ngāi Tahu ki Murihiku

September 2019 - Developing draft freshwater objectives for Southland

December 2019 - Current environmental state and the “gap” to draft freshwater objectives for Southland

February 2020 - Ngāi Tahu ki Murihiku freshwater objectives

November 2020 - Draft Murihiku Southland Freshwater Objectives: Providing for hauora, the health and well-being of waterbodies in Southland Murihiku

Pre-engagement research

August 2018 - WATER:Values and Objectives Initial Information Gathering

July 2018 - WATER: Rapid Literature Review of Perceptions and Learnings from Collaborative Processes in NZ