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If you are a submitter and you indicated on your submission that you wished to be heard and you still wish to do so, you must confirm your intention and availability to one of the Hearings Administrators, Carmen Russell or Denise McKay, no later than 24 April 2017.

Phone: 0800 76 88 45

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Next steps

Hearing are set to begin in late May and they will be held at various places starting at the Ascot Park Hotel in Invercargill, then moving to the Heartland Hotel in Croydon, Gore, and then to Environment Southland’s council chamber.

Scheduling for these has begun. We are also calling for submitter evidence to be supplied by 12 May. If you indicated in your submission that you wanted to be heard, you will be sent information on what this means. You will need to contact us to find a day and session that suits to speak to the commissioners.

Process forward

  • 7 April - Staff report (Section 42a) available online from noon
  • 7 April - Scheduling for the hearing of submissions begins
  • 12 May - Evidence will need to be provided to Environment Southland by noon
  • 22 May - Hearings begin

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