Fluxes and flows

The aims of the Fluxes and Flows theme are to:

  • Identify the origins of water and the different flow paths;
  • Quantify the interactions between groundwater and surface water;
  • Assess the role hydrogeological processes play in the attenuation and transport of contaminants;
  • Develop robust conceptual and numerical models;
  • Apply the models to explore different options for managing water and land and evaluating forecast climate change scenarios.

This theme could be considered as the black box that needs to be opened and examined to be able to best understand the connection between the actions that occur in Land Use Inputs and Ecosystem Responses.

There are 3 sub-themes in this theme:

Development of the 3D hydrological model

  • Rainfall recharge
  • Contaminant input (Serviced by the Land Use Inputs theme)
  • 3D geological model

Establishing the hydrochemistry of the surface water and ground water interactions

  • Surface water and groundwater flows
  • Hydrochemistry age

Development of the flow model

  • Numerical flow and transport models
  • Developing scenarios and understanding the level of uncertainty