Making the change

Our big goal is to reduce the impact that land-use practices have on the natural environment. This does mean changing the way we look after Southland’s water and land, so we can live well now and in the future.

We believe that working together, taking it step-by-step and listening to each other, we’ll be better placed to achieve a great outcome for Southlanders, our economy and our environment.

The People, Water and Land programme builds on the proposed Southland Water and Land Plan, which is designed to halt any further decline in water quality. The next step is to improve our water and land.

Through community conversations we aim to find out more about your values and objectives for managing freshwater. The values are the things you think are important about water. The objectives relate to the kind of water you want to have in the future.

This feedback will give us the information we need to take the best practical steps to improve our water and land. The values and objectives will also help inform the regulatory process, which includes setting limits to manage freshwater by 2025. This is required by central government under the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management.

The more work we can do early to prepare for the regulatory changes, the more straightforward it will be when these regulations come into force.

You’re in the driving seat when it comes to the future of Southland’s water—so join the conversation.

We’ll be listening and talking further with Southlanders to learn more about what they think about water. Through these conversations and practically working together to improve Southland’s water quality, the aim is to make the best decisions in the interests of our communities, businesses and industries.